Shut the Pop Up: Some Pop Bytes for Your Day

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* A glitch in the Facebook security system caused all user photos to become momentarily public. Even owner/creator Mark Zuckerberg was not immune to this mishap. His private photos shockingly revealed he is a young, rich, nerd with a relatively new puppy. [MSNBC]

*The FDA has approved a new medication to deal with hangovers. While this is quite a step in the name of science, it won’t truly be a breakthrough until it also contains the baby fighting power of the Morning After pill. [Newser]

* Lindsay Lohan’s Playboy cover is now online. In an unrelated story, eyes are susceptible to the Herpes virus. [Gawker]

* Blastr has compiled a gorgeous collection of Marvel and DC Comic holiday cards. I would love to receive the Batmobile for Christmas. And my boyfriend could have the speeding ticket I’d get immediately after being handed the keys as a stocking stuffer. [Blastr]

*And while visiting Blastr, be sure to check out their new devised gift list: What to get the violent geek in your life. All items are SciFy weaponry. In other news, a D&D argument recently ended with 1 slain by Batarang to the neck.

So, you can get Jack Sparrow’s little pistol, but you can’t get a replica of Rick Deckard’s gun from Blade Runner?! The closest I’ve found costs a mere $90… but you have to assemble the thing yourself. Adam Savage of Myth Buster fame wrote up a great article on the obsession of this particular gun, which you can read in its entirety here.

*A new Doctor Who holiday special mini-prequel has popped up online. Hopefully, this year’s offering will be less in touch with its feelings and along the of the current season’s action and adventure attitude. I felt the 2010 Christmas episode was too hokey, and was too much miss over all, not enough hit.


*Below are some of my own holiday ornaments and my Playmobile nativity scene. I’m not religious, but I grew up with the nativity in my house during the holidays, so mine might as well be as close to Lego as I can get. Also, be sure to check out Find The Bad Kitty regularly for holiday edition pics!

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