Oscars Be Damned: New Harry Potter Box Set Is (almost) HERE!

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Amazon just put up the new Harry Potter Blu-Ray box set. All 7 years, all 8 movies, all on blu-ray, and housed in a gorgeous, knock your socks of box set.

The catch? The $350 price tag. It costs more than a PS3 on which to watch the damn things. And, really, who out there doesn’t already have all the movies already?

Sure is pretty to look at, though (see pictures below). Add it to the list of things I would have if A: I had the money, and B: I was never going to have kids. I should really rethink the hole procreation thing. Kids would touch all my stuff…

You can pre-order your wickedly expensive boxed “shrine” (Thank you, Sarah) now, though there is currently no release date. Amazon is, however, offering a $150 discount on the suggested retail value of $500. Wankers.

Star Trek TNG on Blu-ray in January

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Sure, this was announced in September, but this serves as a reminder: Wide screen TNG is just around the corner.

A “sampler” disc, also known as a teaser, of Star Trek: The Next Generation will be released on January 31st, 2012. Why they chose not to have this ready for the holidays is beyond me.  Referred to as “The Next Level”, the Blu-ray will feature three episodes, the pilot, Sins of the Father, and The Inner Light, as well as bonuses that include a sneak peak into the Star Trek iPad App. Many are still disappointed that in the remastering of TOS for blu-ray, the studio didn’t shorten the actresses’ skirts at all. They’re just so long, almost completely covering female star fleet tooshies. In the retouching and high definition scanning of TNG, Deanna Troi’s character still has little to no point in comparison to the rest of the crew and Riker still gets progressively fatter as his beard gets thicker. The audio will be in 7.1 sound, however, which should be fantastic when Capt. Picard makes it so.