Thank Pop it’s Friday: Star Wars guitar, Dr. Who, A Dad Shoots the Internet + More!

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Let’s do this. And then let’s get some sushi.

*Shamrock shakes are back at McDonald’s and are now available at every location. Run out and get one, and get fat…ter. According to USA Today

“The Shamrock Shake weighs in at 540 calories and 16 grams of fat for a small, or 840 calories and 24 grams of fat for a large…”

Awesome. [USA Today]

* A daughter wasn’t supposed to use Facebook and she certainly wasn’t supposed to talk shit about her father while using the social networking site. What’s a parent to do? Well, according to her father, Tommy Jordan, the answer is to murder the laptop. But before you go believing he’s an abusive mad man, Jordan makes an 8 minute video case to his daughter explaining the actions – and where she went wrong. There’s a difference between freedom of speech and a punk, spoiled brat. I’m all for tough love. Unless the daughter worked a part time after school job to purchase that laptop herself, I certainly don’t feel this is any form of abuse. She broke the rules, and I know that if my parents merely took my laptop away and hid it, that I would find it. Nice. [MSNBC]

* So, a few months ago, somebody posted on a Civil War era photo on eBay. The seller pointed out how much the gentleman in said photo resembled Nicholas Cage…and then speculated on the possibility that Cage was, in fact, a vampire. Because apparently vampires can either have sparkly skin or a massively receding hairline. Anyway, in an attempt to stay relevant, Cage brought up this photo while on The Late Show with David Letterman last night. And, no, starring in the next skull-on-fire movie thing isn’t keeping him relevant. [Blastr]

* Every Best Of… List always lacks something, and this tournament for the Best Sitcom Episode Ever is no different. Splitsider is giving fans the opportunity to vote for their favorite of all time, but be prepared to be disappointed. Also, be prepared to totally want to go watch some 80’s and 90’s tv after reading through their list – ooooh, Marge vs The Monorail – Classic! [Splitsider]

* Amy and Rory are leaving us. It’s not up for discussions; it simply has to be accepted. But I am not up for Moffat to tease us with the possibility of a new sidekick. I really liked Rory and Amy, just as I really liked Rose Tyler. If he continues to go through companions like popcorn, we’re going to have to change the The Doctor’s name to the Space Whore. In regards to the Doctor’s 50th anniversary Moffat states “There will be shocks, surprises and heartbreak—the Doctor is about to say goodbye to his very best friends, Amy and Rory…And then he’s about to say hello to someone very different.” Oh, Moffat. This I don’t need. [Blastr]

* I don’t need any more of a complex. I am a chubby-lady-geek. I wear that badge with pride and a crap ton of girly insecurity. It’s what I do, it’s my thing. So, the dude who totally photoshopped classic works of art to have the women featured appear thinner as today’s standards? Oh, he is just begging for me to key his car. Which I imagine is a Douche Mobile. [The Gloss]

* I don’t want an XBox 360. I don’t. I mean, a PS3 makes much more sense…So stop trying to woo me, Lucas Arts! A c3po/Artoo special edition Kinect?! EVIL! [MTV Geek]

* Speaking of Star Wars, a dude made a custom Millennium Falcon guitar. It totally shreds and dodges asteroids. But the coolest thing about it? The little bit are R2-D2 detailin’. Bad Ass to the max! [GeekIsAwesome]

* And, finally, this happened:

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Thank you, and good night!

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Shut the Pop Up: Some Pop Bytes for Your Day

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* A glitch in the Facebook security system caused all user photos to become momentarily public. Even owner/creator Mark Zuckerberg was not immune to this mishap. His private photos shockingly revealed he is a young, rich, nerd with a relatively new puppy. [MSNBC]

*The FDA has approved a new medication to deal with hangovers. While this is quite a step in the name of science, it won’t truly be a breakthrough until it also contains the baby fighting power of the Morning After pill. [Newser]

* Lindsay Lohan’s Playboy cover is now online. In an unrelated story, eyes are susceptible to the Herpes virus. [Gawker]

* Blastr has compiled a gorgeous collection of Marvel and DC Comic holiday cards. I would love to receive the Batmobile for Christmas. And my boyfriend could have the speeding ticket I’d get immediately after being handed the keys as a stocking stuffer. [Blastr]

*And while visiting Blastr, be sure to check out their new devised gift list: What to get the violent geek in your life. All items are SciFy weaponry. In other news, a D&D argument recently ended with 1 slain by Batarang to the neck.

So, you can get Jack Sparrow’s little pistol, but you can’t get a replica of Rick Deckard’s gun from Blade Runner?! The closest I’ve found costs a mere $90… but you have to assemble the thing yourself. Adam Savage of Myth Buster fame wrote up a great article on the obsession of this particular gun, which you can read in its entirety here.

*A new Doctor Who holiday special mini-prequel has popped up online. Hopefully, this year’s offering will be less in touch with its feelings and along the of the current season’s action and adventure attitude. I felt the 2010 Christmas episode was too hokey, and was too much miss over all, not enough hit.


*Below are some of my own holiday ornaments and my Playmobile nativity scene. I’m not religious, but I grew up with the nativity in my house during the holidays, so mine might as well be as close to Lego as I can get. Also, be sure to check out Find The Bad Kitty regularly for holiday edition pics!