For the Pop Day of Xmas GeekFat Gave to Thee…

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* Holiday cheer for everyone: Telemarketers and robo-calls will now have access to your cell phone number. Awesome! I love paying for the calls I hate to get. [MSNBC] 

To help you get over the complete loss of privacy, I give you a parrot singing the Mario Bros theme song.

* As if I didn’t need yet another reason to get a PS3 stat, there is now a Doctor Who video game coming out! In what can only be called the utmost of teases, the BBC and Supermassive Games hint at a Doctor Who video game with almost no details. And it’s completely enough to send me into a Time and Relative Dimensions in Space tizzy! [ToplessRobot]

*In A Touch of Evil, director Alex Prager depicts various well known actors and actresses as evil, violent characters. Many really (and creepily) give these little vignettes their all. And, based on usual celebrity events, it’s exactly how I would expect them to act when getting kicked off a plane. [NewYorkTimes]

* NPR’s MonkeySee has compiled a list of the unhappiest commentators you’ll find in the year end best-of lists on the internet. And every type listed is rather accurate. I know which one I am, which one are you? Yeah, you are. Yes, you are. Embrace the self loathing. One of us. One of us. [NPR MonkeySee]

*An incredibly dedicated fan created a stop motion, shot for shot remake of the opening 6 minutes of Raiders of the Lost Ark.

* Doctor Who topped the iTunes charts for Most Popular TV Shows of 2011. It’s the first time in iTunes history that virgin nerds have gained such popularity. [Blastr]

* That’s dedication! To complete her look for Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, Rooney Mara pierced her nipples. Let me just repeat that: the chick that dumped Jessie Eisenberg’s character at the beginning of The Social Network pierced her nipples to truly get in touch the role of Lisbeth Salander. In other news, the dolphin from Dolphin Tale was not an amputee prior to filming. [Inquistr]

* The Rock of Ages trailer has hit the internet. I know nothing about this movie other than it’s based on the Broadway show, but apparently it’s gonna be epic. Everyone, but your mom is in this and Tom Cruise has a crazy chest tattoo. Not being as dedicated as Mara, however, the tatt is not the real deal. Cruise worked extra hard at this role after missing out on his true calling, playing Edna Turnblad in Hairspray, an opportunity stolen by the equally closeted John Travolta. Did I say ‘closeted’? I meant talented. Sure I did.

* Simon Pegg, author of Nerd Do Well and overall cinema greatness, is as much a geek as he his a human. This makes Pegg quite possibly the most excited person alive for the upcoming Star Trek sequel, especially since he’ll be reprising his role as Scotty. But should he really have let it slip that Khan is not in the sequel script? [Blastr]

* Karl Frisch of the Cagle Post wrote a fantastic article on the 12 Days of Republican Christmas. All are fantastically dead on, and this write up is as funny as it is depressingly true. How can other nations not see our entire government as a laughing stock right now? Granted we’re not the only nation with issues, but our entire government needs to take a giant Xanax/Prilosec combo pill and face some harsh realities. [Cagle Post]

…But this whole 12 Days of Republican Crap has got me thinking. What about the 12 days of Absurdly Geek? Well, I’m starting them here and now. And since I missed the start of the 12 days (that would have been yesterday, Mr. Mathematician), I owe your two today. I’m not saying you’re getting two; I’m just acknowledging a debt.

On the First Day of Christmas GeekFat endorsed to thee…

Nothing. Because I wasn’t on the ball.

On the Second Day of Christmas GeekFat endorsed to thee…

Two Wookie mating calls done on TV.

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Shut the Pop Up: Some Pop Bytes for Your Day

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* A glitch in the Facebook security system caused all user photos to become momentarily public. Even owner/creator Mark Zuckerberg was not immune to this mishap. His private photos shockingly revealed he is a young, rich, nerd with a relatively new puppy. [MSNBC]

*The FDA has approved a new medication to deal with hangovers. While this is quite a step in the name of science, it won’t truly be a breakthrough until it also contains the baby fighting power of the Morning After pill. [Newser]

* Lindsay Lohan’s Playboy cover is now online. In an unrelated story, eyes are susceptible to the Herpes virus. [Gawker]

* Blastr has compiled a gorgeous collection of Marvel and DC Comic holiday cards. I would love to receive the Batmobile for Christmas. And my boyfriend could have the speeding ticket I’d get immediately after being handed the keys as a stocking stuffer. [Blastr]

*And while visiting Blastr, be sure to check out their new devised gift list: What to get the violent geek in your life. All items are SciFy weaponry. In other news, a D&D argument recently ended with 1 slain by Batarang to the neck.

So, you can get Jack Sparrow’s little pistol, but you can’t get a replica of Rick Deckard’s gun from Blade Runner?! The closest I’ve found costs a mere $90… but you have to assemble the thing yourself. Adam Savage of Myth Buster fame wrote up a great article on the obsession of this particular gun, which you can read in its entirety here.

*A new Doctor Who holiday special mini-prequel has popped up online. Hopefully, this year’s offering will be less in touch with its feelings and along the of the current season’s action and adventure attitude. I felt the 2010 Christmas episode was too hokey, and was too much miss over all, not enough hit.


*Below are some of my own holiday ornaments and my Playmobile nativity scene. I’m not religious, but I grew up with the nativity in my house during the holidays, so mine might as well be as close to Lego as I can get. Also, be sure to check out Find The Bad Kitty regularly for holiday edition pics!