100 Pages of Original Blade Runner Sketches

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What a wonderful bit of news to wake to: An out of print Blade Runner sketch book, 100 pages of original designs, is now online for free. Ridley Scott, as well as numerous other artist, worked on the design for this cult classic film. I love Blade Runner, and almost as much as I love Blade Runner do I love movies that I can instantly tell were inspired by it. The music, the horrible choice to end the theatrical version with the opening scene of the Shining, never being able to tell if Decker is himself a Replicant. I love it all.

Find the full sketch book here. [Issuu]

On the Eleventh Day of Geekmas, Chic Geek Daily Gave to Thee…

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On the Eleventh Day of Geekmas, Chic Geek Daily Gave to Thee…

Eleven Science Fiction Religious Sermons! [Blastr]

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Prometheus is Here!

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The wait is over: The new trailer for Ridley Scott’s Prometheus is online today.

Written to be the prequel to Alien, Prometheus takes the viewer on a voyager with a team of researchers traveling the universe in search of Earth’s origins.

Very excited.